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What is a Smart Server?

"Smart Server is a fully dedicated server with Smart Management Layer. This allows managing your server through your Virtual Control Panel."
Get dedicated resources to your liking and our innovative management panel for half the price.
Meet your increased needs quickly – our smart servers are deployed and ready for use in less than 60 minutes.
Deploy, extend and otherwise manage all your server farm automatically by using our API or WHMCS module.

Smart servers

CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth
Period 12 month
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12 month
6 month
3 month
1 month

SSD Smart16

X5650 2 Cores x 2.66/3.06GHz 16GB ECC DDRIII SSD 240GB 1Gbps uplink $84 $62 $64 $67 $69
Customize 24 In stock

SSD Smart8

X5650 2 Cores x 2.66/3.06GHz 8GB ECC DDRIII SSD 240GB 1Gbps uplink $76 $56 $59 $61 $63
Customize 6 In stock

Quad Smart

56xx, 4 Cores 16GB ECC DDRIII HDD SATAII 3TB 7.200 rpm 1Gbps uplink $92 $70 $74 $76 $78
Customize 34 In stock

Hexa Smart

E5645, 6 Cores 24GB ECC DDRIII SSD 160GB 1Gbps uplink $109 $84 $88 $91 $94
Customize 13 In stock


E3-1240, 2 Cores x 3.3/3.7GHz 16GB ECC DDRIII HDD SATAII 2TB 7.200 rpm 1Gbps uplink $84 $62 $64 $67 $69
Customize 30 In stock


E3-1240, 2 Cores x 3.3/3.7GHz 8GB ECC DDRIII HDD SATAII 2TB 7.200 rpm 1Gbps uplink $76 $56 $59 $61 $63
Customize 41 In stock




A Smart Server is the next generation of dedicated servers bringing cloud computing advantages to the dedicated server and eliminating cloud computing resource limitations. Every Smart Server has a dedicated Processor, RAM and own Hot-Swapable HDD Mirror RAID Array. All this guarantee you security and reliability.



Our servers are fully redundant and infrastructure optimized for maximum uptime without the worry of having to monitor your server. We provide fully optimized and secured servers that offer full root access. The best thing about our Smart Servers, you get all these additional features - power and flexibility at no additional charge.


Comparison: Smart vs Them

  VPS Smart Dedicated
 Flexibility, Instant Setup, Smart Management 1 Yes 1 YES 0 No
 Dedicated CPU, Dedicated RAM 0 Overbooked 1 YES 1 Yes
 Dedicated HDD 0 No  1 YES  1 Yes 
 Price 1 Yes 1 YES 0 No
 Support I/O-intensive applications 0 No 1 YES 1 Yes
 Total score: 2 points 5 points 3 points


What makes Smart Servers a high power machine?

A Smart server has its own RAM, CPU cores and very own Hot-swappable HDD Raid array. 


Why can we offer a lower price for Smart Servers?

Automation. Because the Smart Servers are highly automated, they require less time spent by our administrators for setup and maintenance. Less manual work = lower price.

Hybrid servers

Why Smart with Hybrid technology

Due to the newest modern technology: one server OS with Management Layer Software is installed in one dedicated server. This allows you to use the huge dedicated server capabilities and also utilize the three main advantages of Smart Management Systems:


1. High performance. Your server is fully DEDICATED Server, which has it's OWN Hot-swappable HDD RAID, CPU cores and RAM ECC.
2. Low price. The main advantage of Smart Layer is automation – You can maintain more servers and execute more automatic functions – OS reinstalling, remote restart, remote shutdown, migration.
3. Easy control. If the need for a more powerful server arises, a quick and simple copy of all files is sufficient – no need for any reinstallations and reconfigurations. All IP addresses are preserved. 

Because we have created a method, which lets the users utilize the advantages of two technologies:


1. CPU Cores, RAM and 2 HDD disks are directly assigned to you.


2. Use the flexibility and low price of RHEV.


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Smart Server
Amazing power of smart hybrid technology.
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