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Ruta Stariene, Head of customer service.


Rūta Štarienė



1. How did you start working here?
-I was looking for a job after I graduated from the university. And I found a job offer to work as an office administrator. So that was my start in this company.

2. What are the responsibilities of your position? 
-I have a lot of responsibilities, but the most important is to meet all requirements of the customers. And that means support must be of the highest level.  I am the person who coordinates different departments for filling clients' expectations.

3. Tell us about your education.
-I have bachelor's degree in Business administration studies.  Also, I am constantly updating my knowledge in online courses or by reading books.

4. What inspires you in this job?
-Of course, clients:) I have a very strong desire to help clients to solve their problems or just advise if they need.

5. Which parts of this job are the most challenging for you?
-It is not easy to make a trusting relationship with the client. And to say not good news for the client.

6. What are the competitive advantages of your data center?
-First of all it is a right strategy which was implemented by the right people. Second – all employees in our company seek the same goal. I think that our company leaders are very talented people and that is the biggest advantage.

7. How do you see the development of the data center industry in 5 years?
-I think that the data center industry will grow in 5 years. I cannot say exactly how much, but it will be growing constantly. People want to keep a lot of important data for a longer period, so we will need more servers for that.

8. What do you think are the most important things in the data center`s work for your clients?
-I think the most important thing is fast and friendly support. Also flexibility in sales solutions.

9. What's the last professional book you read? Which one would you recommend?
-I prefer to read articles instead of professional books. I try to read everything what is actual for my job and to refresh my knowledge. The last one was “The Trusted Advisor” by David Maister, Charles Green, Robert Galford.

10. What are your lifelong dreams? 
-My family and the health are the best what I can have.

11. What professional advices would you give to your clients?
-If you need help – just ask. Our team is always ready to help you.


17 years in Business

Clients from over 160 countries


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