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Edgaras Linkevicius, programmer.


Edgaras Linkevicius


1.     How did you start working here?

- I got hired after i finished my internship here.


2.     What are the responsibilities of your position? 
- My job is to create/improve/fix functionalities for our management system and client service system.

3.     Tell us about your education.
- Bachelor's degree in informatics engineering (2013).

4.     What inspires you in this job?
- Programing for me is like problem solving - once you finish a task you feel satisfied (like solving a math problem).

5.     Which parts of this job are the most challenging for you?
- Sometimes i am assigned to do a styling job, it can get really tiring.

6.     What are the competitive advantages of your data center?
- I would say the biggest difference between our data center and others is the support for clients we are providing.

7.     How do you see the development of the data center industry in 5 years?
- I`m still new in this field, but i think it must grow and improve.

8.     What do you think are the most important things in the data center`s work for your clients?
- Communication, cooperation, performance.

9.     What's the last professional book you read? 
- Last programming related book i read was 'laravel code bright' recommended by a colleague. 

10.  What are your lifelong dreams? 
- To be successful.

11.  What is your personal mission statement?
- Don't have it yet.

12.  What professional advices would you give to your clients?
- If you have a problem, search the answer on the internet first - if you fix it yourself, you will learn something new and next time you will fix it faster.

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