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Arturas Lazejevas, CBDO


Arturas Lazejevas



1. How did you start working here?
- I started working at Baltic Servers in 2010 as a programmer to work on the custom made data center management system. Since then, I've changed a few positions.

2. What are the responsibilities of your position?
- My responsibilities include making sure that all departments work well with each other. Basically motivating staff, having and creating the best tools to ensure the quality of the service and finding new opportunities in the industry.

3. Tell us about your education.
- I have a Bachelor degree in IT, CIW Master Designer and Adwords Certificates

4. What inspires you in this job?
- The job itself inspires me - the results we get as a team are never enough for me. I love that all our team has a similar state-of-mind. However well we do something, we want to get it even better next time.

5. Which parts of this job are the most challenging for you?
- It must be the management. Inspiring and motivating people to have the same urge for results is not easy, but not difficult as well. I am just lucky to have such a great team.

6. What are the competitive advantages of your data center?
- We love our business, and we love our clients. I guess it would be the best way to put it. Whatever we do, we always make sure there's a cherry on the top.

7. How do you see the development of data center industry in 5 years?
- With the evolution of the "Internet of Things" where all our electronic devices are connected to the internet, the demand for data centers can only grow.

8. What's the last professional book you read? Which one would you recommend?
- I'll have to recommend a couple, since they are both eye-opening good. "The Accidental Salesperson" by Chris Lytle and "The First-Time Manager" by Loren Belker, Jim McCormick and Gary Topchik

9. What are your lifelong dreams? 
- Change education for the better. Children are afraid of making mistakes because that might lead in getting a bad grade. In real life it does not work like that. That's why I have co-founded a "Smart School" which, using the newest technologies available, teaches children how to learn.

10. What professional advises would you give for your clients?
Never forget that it's not your superior who is paying you, it's actually the clients of the company. So do your best for them, not for your boss


17 years in Business

Clients from over 160 countries


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